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How A Glass Pool Fence Can Prevent Children Drowning In Your Pool

How a Glass Pool Fence can Prevent Children Drowning in your Pool

Australian Summers = Backyard Swimming

Ask any Australian what defines their Summer Season, and I can guarantee you’ll hear the following words; sun, family, food and the water. The searing summer heat calls for backyard BBQ’s, cricket and cooling off in the family pool. It is ingrained in our culture.

Intense games of ‘Marco Polo’ echo with the sizzling of sausages and chops on the Barbie. With recent heat waves as early as August and as late as May, backyard pools can be utilised for up to 9 months a year.

Summer is Longer Than Ever

Unfortunately this extended swimming season does not come without the increased potential of a fatal swim accident. When a young child drowns in a backyard pool, there are immediate reactions from the public. Our first though is of the tragedy itself, and we are devastated for not only the child, but for their families. After this initial reaction is the judgement. Why was no one watching the child? How could this happen? Aren’t all pools fenced these days? What can we do to help prevent these deaths in the future?

While it has to be considered that accidents do happen, adequate pool fencing is one of the best defences against accidental drowning that money can buy.

Drowning Statistics

Sometimes it is hard to believe that it was only in the 1990’s when laws were introduced that made pool fencing mandatory. This alone saw drownings cut by up to 50%. That is a remarkable statistic in itself. However, it can be speculated, that because there have been no pool fence maintenance laws, this was once of the leading causes of the rise of pool related accidents and fatalities in young children from 2007 to 2008- 32 in total. This rise in deaths has seen the state government now implement new regulations for pool owners.

So how can quality glass pool fences help prevent your child from drowning? You may be wondering if a material as seemingly as fragile as glass is an appropriate material to use for a safety barrier or fence. Well, the good news is, YES, it is safe.

Glass pool fences,when installed correctly, meet all the safety requirements for pool fencing, they even EXCEED them! Below, we go into more detail about pool fence legislation and how Tough As Glass pool fencing is your best choice for your glass pool fence.

1. Latches and the Gate

It is essential that pool fences self latch (AKA shut by themselves) and do not open inwards towards the pool. If a fence does not swing outwards, it is essential that it is rehung so that it does.

When you have your quality glass pool fence from Tough As Glass installed, you can rest easy, knowing that it is installed strictly by the book.

Imagine that you’re at a friend or relatives house, the little kids are playing in the backyard, and the teenagers are playing Marco Polo in the pool. How do you know when- if at all-that that old loop top fence has last been inspected?

What if you only found out when one of the toddlers got into the pool area and was rescued by one of the older kids that you realised that the pool gate wasn’t shut properly. That it was faulty? What if there were no teenagers in the pool to make sure nothing happened to your toddler?

Replacing an old loop top fence with a Tough As Glass glass pool fence, will not only make watching your children play a lot easier, but also the children of those you hold dear. Not to mention that visually, the backyard look so much more beautiful and bigger.

2. There should be no excess space under the fence.

A requirement for pool fencing refers to gaps under the fence. Glass pool fencing, provided that they installed correctly, is virtually ‘untestable’ by design. By law there is not to be more than a 10 centimetre gap under a pool fence to the finished ground level. Many Tough As Glass pool fences have no gap at all, meaning that this requirement does not apply.

3. Line of Sight

You get the added peace of mind that your line of sight into the pool is not disrupted by the fence itself. This helps to prevent fatal swim accidents as the pool is not hidden form sight at all. So not only can you see what your children are doing when you are within the boundaries of the fence, but you can when you’re not too.

4. Non Climbable Zone

The beauty of a glass pool fence is that it is a smooth surface. This means that it will make it near impossible for your or your friends children to climb the fence and access the pool.

Getting your pool fence tested

Newcastle City Council invites you to register your pool. If you’re going to lease or sell your property, you will need to get a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate. For more information, click here.

A glass pool fence is 100% the best defence against accidental drowning. Contact Tough As Glass Pool Fencing today for an obligation free quote.

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