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Five Surprising Benefits Of Glass Pool Fencing

Five surprising benefits of glass pool fencing

For many of us, your pool is the crown jewel of the property. Your pool fence has a lot of influence over this – a visually stunning, low-maintenance fence will add to your enjoyment of the pool, while a tacky, troublesome pool fence will quickly test your patience.

There are many well-known benefits of a glass pool fence. Unlike timber or metal fences, it won’t rot or rust. This durability adds to the value of your property – as does the striking air of elegance and prestige that glass panelling lends to your poolside area.

But there are less obvious benefits that, once seen, are always appreciated.

Here are five things that might surprise you about a Tough As Glass pool fence.

1) Child safe? No worries mate!

Scaling a smooth, sheer glass fence is a very steep ask for even the most nimble of children who might otherwise get a foothold on fence bars and climb into your pool area. Unlike other fences, a transparent glass pool fence means you can keep an uninhibited watch on kids by the pool at all times. To sum it up simply, you won’t find a safer alternative on the market than a glass pool fence. We work above and beyond the highest Australian standards to ensure the utmost safety. 

2) Shake off the cold snap

We all know what it’s like to finish a refreshing dip, only to step out of the pool and feel the rude shock of wind chill. However, unlike many alternative fence materials, the solid panelling of a glass pool fence acts as an effective windbreak. The filtered sunlight refracting from the glass even provides gentle warmth as you relax by the pool in your favourite deck chair to dry off.

3) Good news for green thumbs

That filtered sunlight isn’t only great for relaxation. The enhanced light penetration to your poolside area may well mean that you can grow a range of plants that would otherwise struggle in the shadow of your pool fence. It’s often said that a glass pool fence makes your backyard look bigger by not visually breaking up space – but it’s worth bearing in mind that with the improved gardening options of a glass pool fence, you can actually bring more of the backyard right to your poolside!

4) Fewer pests, fewer nests

Solid, smooth glass panelling also means that there are fewer nooks, crannies and rough surfaces for wasps and spiders to build webs and nests on. This becomes even more of a bonus if curious children are using your pool, as it reduces the risk of them being stung or bitten by resident creepy-crawlies.

5) Show and shine

Whether it’s oiling a wooden fence or repainting and rust-guarding a metal fence, the attention and labour demanded by alternatives on the market present very little fun at the best of times. You can wipe that worry from your mind with a glass pool fence – all you need to keep it looking brilliant and functioning perfectly is to give it a wipe with some warm water and liquid soap.

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