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Earthing Pool Spigots: Imperative For The Safety of Your Family

Since January 1st, 2019 it has become a legal requirement (AS3000 Electrical Safety Code) to earth conductive metal fences and pool fence spigots within 1.25 metres of the pool. Many homeowners are unaware of the potential dangers if electrical guidelines are not met. Many components of a pool fence are made from metals, and these components can be extremely dangerous if they become electrically charged.

The dangers and legal requirements of the heights and safety measures regarding pool fencing are well-known, however the risks associated with the electrical components are less known and often undervalued. The AS3000 Clause states that conductive fittings attached to the pool such as ladders, diving boards and anything within arm’s reach of the pool edge (1.25 metres per clause 1.4.16) such as conductive fences must be bonded. This ensures that the utmost safety is upheld as metal components can become very dangerous if it becomes electrically charged and if a person within the pool touches the electrically charged component.

CFG Composite Spigot: When Safety Meets Style

  • Comes in a choice of matte black or silver coatings
  • Tested to meet AS1926 pool fence installation safety code
  • Made from superior reinforced CFG stabilised materials
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Exempt from AS3000 Equipotential Bonding Requirements
  • No electrician required, does not require earthing
  • Does not conduct electricity, tested to 1,000 volts
  • Two spigots will support frameless 12mm thick toughened glass pool fencing panels
    to 1.2 metres height x 2.0 metres length
  • Suitable for ground level pool fence installations

Earthing Pool Spigot

Add Style To Your Home: Modern and Sleek Pool Spigot Solutions

Glass pool fencing and frameless glass pool fencing solutions have emerged as a very popular choice for homeowners, as more and more homeowners seek an aesthetically more beautiful fence constructed of stainless steel spigots, earthing pool spigots, hinges and latches, and innovative frameless toughened glass. Modern and sleek pool fencing designs coupled with strength and durability offer incredible safety and style you can trust.

The CFG Composite Spigot: Safety and Style You Can Count On

The safety of our families is absolutely paramount. But, we also want to enjoy our home and create a pool environment that looks good and adds value to our home. The CFG Composite Spigot, the highest quality and trusted earthing pool spigot, does not conduct electricity and has been tested to 1,000 volts, it boasts tremendous strength, its reinforced CFG composite material means it does not rust like alternative stainless steel spigots, and it comes in attractive and premium quality finishes.

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