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How Can A Quality Glass Pool Fence Add Value To Your Home?

How Can a Quality Glass Pool Fence Add Value to your Home?

The Real Estate game has changed dramatically in the last 100 years.

It was only a few short decades ago that ‘The Australian Dream‘ consisted of three simple steps: work hard; save for a deposit; buy a house. Many of us grew up in the first and last house our parents bought. Whilst we may have seen renovations or extensions to cater for the growing family, a home purchase was a purchase for life.

In our modern climate however, things have most definitely changed. A real estate purchase is more commonly used as a stepping stone to a larger property, an opportunity for a second income stream, or a short term investment.

When it comes to selling however, it is paramount that the property is both visually appealing and structurally sound. You want your home and its exteriors to be beautiful, as well as be able to withstand our tough Australian climate.


Quality Glass Pool Fencing

So how can you ensure you will make a profit on your home? How do you increase value and still leave room for the new owners to add ‘their own personal touch’ to the property you have sold them?

This is where Tough As Glass can help you. A quality Tough As Glass pool fence can help those with both residential and investment properties add value to their home through a variety of ways.

Glass may not seem to be the obvious choice at first, but I’m not talking about the fragile glass your windows are made of. All Tough As Glass balustrades and glass pool fences are made of Grade A toughened safety glass that is specifically designed to be used for fencing.

It is extremely strong and durable. It is also an effective wind break and is able to withstand inclement weather.

Appealing to Potential Buyers

Pools add value to your home, how much value depends on the quality of both the pool and the fencing.

According to Australian Property Investor Magazine (March 2014 issue), you could be looking at anywhere up to a 30 per cent increase in value. In monetary terms, that means a home originally valued at $500,000 could increase in value by up to $150,000. Potentially making your property worth in excess of $650,000.

Worth it? Definitely! However, this statistic isn’t just talking about ‘any old pool’, we are talking about the right pool with the best QUALITY fencing. When it comes to the real estate game, you need to know what it is that the market wants- and then you need to deliver.

Those willing and wanting to buy a residential home with a pool will pay a premium to own one. What will turn potential buyers away though, is ugly, outdated fencing. It not only makes the overall property less appealing, but will cost even more money on top of what they are spending on the property purchase to have it replaced.

A glass pool fence won’t rust, rot or break

A glass pool fence won’t rust, rot or break like conventional fencing will over time. The advantage of a Tough As Glass pool fence is that it is designed to last with minimal upkeep needed over the life of the fence.

You may be concerned that if you choose a glass pool fence it may only suit a modern home. This just isn’t true. A glass fence is designed to be discreet, and compliments all architecture. It is classic, and subtle enough to use in modern, ultra modern and industrial style homes as well as suiting your art deco, urban or minimalist styled home.

Glass fencing really does transcend all, and this will in turn extend the buyers market!

Easy Maintenance

Low ongoing maintenance costs, mean that while you may spend more initially buying and installing your Glass pool fence, you will save money in the long run. Your fence will not rot or expand like a wooden fence will, and will not rust and deteriorate like a metal pool fence can.

Upkeep is minimal and you get peace of mind that you won’t be forking out for replacements throughout the lifetime of your pool. Cleaning your glass fence is as simple as washing it with water. Without all the gaps and crevices, you can finally say goodbye to the spiders and wasp nests.

When buying and erecting your pool fence, it is important to remember that the condition of both your pool and pool fence plays a key role in its potential value. If done properly will most certainly improve your property’s curb appeal. Choose a cheap and unattractive fence however, and you will most certainly be lowering the overall value of your home.

Keeping up Appearances

It is essential that you present a visually pleasing property to potential buyers. First impressions really do last, and can make or break your property. You want features that will capture attention and interest without being too distracting.

Glass features are the perfect way to do just that. Glass is a neutral and aesthetically pleasing fencing type that adds appeal to your property. Because a quality glass pool fence is not visually distracting, you can sit back on your deck and watch the value of your home grow along with the garden.

A sleek and clear glass pool fence also means that you can change your outdoor furnishings and colour palette without any worry that it will not match your glass pool fence. When you choose an ultra modern Tough As Glass pool fence, you can feel confident you are buying right the first time.

Spacial Aspect

If you choose a Tough As Glass pool fence your backyard will surprisingly seem much bigger. This is because the transparency of the glass pool fence will give the impression that the backyard is one open space. As there is no bold and visually distracting wooden or steel fence creating a barrier or section in your yard.

This simple visual effect in itself can add value to your home. Think about it. If your eyes are distracted by a fence, you are going to process the backyard in different segments; the lawn, the pool, and the entertainment area all separately. ‘Remove’ these barriers and the entire area will open up to create a seamless living space which connects the outdoor environment with your home.

This spacial ‘trickery’ is a great tool to visually enhance the appeal of your yard as a whole. A glass pool fence does not disrupt your gaze and it will not clash with any landscaping design aspect in the yard. It really is a simple and cost effective way to update your exterior.

Pool Fence Regulations

With new laws and regulations in place regarding pool fencing, a quality Tough As Glass pool fence means your property will not lose value if you decide to sell.

The fence you choose for your pool can significantly effect the value of your home. If it is old, faulty, or fails any of the safety standards, you will need to have it replaced. If it is not replaced, you will most definitely be turning off potential buyers and can virtually make you property ‘unsellable’.

Choose a Tough as Glass pool fence, and make your property a marketable asset.

So what are you waiting for?

Add tasteful safety to your pool area. Choose a qualified installation technician from Tough As Glass to erect your new pool fence. Not only will you be increasing the existing value of your home, but you get a durable and beautiful structure that adds drama and sophistication to your outdoor entertaining area. Why not make your pool fence the talking point of your next barbecue or outdoor cocktail party?


Glass Pool Fencing


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